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Desenvolvedor de Sistemas em São Paulo / SP - Cód. 5142510

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São Paulo / SP
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Home Office, Efetivo/CLT e permite home office.

Were looking for a software engineer to develop a learning management system (lms) for our largest client. What youll do work in a multicultural team combining the art of design with the art of programming create and execute manual test cases and analyze the results work closely with our product management, product operations, quality engineering, and backend engineering teams to help decide which features to build and how to build them assure the design translates the values and needs of the company delivery clean code in be fearless to code in the backend if needed. Local you get to work 100% remote in teams mainly based in the united states, from brazil. Requisitos in order to succeed in this position, you will need advanced/fluent english skills strong frontend development skills strong experience with or angular be comfortable coding in php or if needed experience with different unit testing frameworks experience with typescript is a plus experience with mobile is a plus good practices as tdd or bdd are a plus. Nossa empresa we at ubiminds are a talent powerhouse, sourcing, recruiting and hiring sought-After tech professionals, from mid-Level to leadership positions. Find out firsthand what its like to work remotely for american saas companies from brazil by listening to what customers and employees have to say:

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